Conditions for new clubs:

I am always happy for new clubs and destinations for my girls, I only have a condition for clubs I cooperate with needs to be pure table dance clubs, strip clubs, cabarets or go-go clubs with absolutely no prostitution allowed. Thank you.

Conditions for girls:

As this business is about selling your looks and your dancing skills, all my possible cooperating girls are asked to be taken care of their bodies and appearance.

All girls are asked to send good, recent colorful pictures of body and face.

Since you wish to work as a dancer or hostess, your pictures need to be dedicated to your work:

I need pictures of your body in underwear and dress, wearing high heels, also face picture needs to be with make-up on and hair nicely done.

Some clubs ask for topless pictures. Photos are being used for your presentation in clubs; remember managers always pick the girl according to her appearance!

Please note, if you do not send me good pictures, you might be refused by the manager or owner, since they are the ones who pay your salary.

No head cuts or blurs on pictures, please. I also welcome short info about your dancing and language skills, your nationality and age -beginners are very welcome.

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