club dont accept Romanian and Bulgarian dancers!

fix salary Mo-Thu is 50e , Fri and Sat 70e

stage show cca.4x a night 2songs topless

40% from champagne (30e-400e)

50% private dances (from 50-200e)

apartment is 20e per day fully furnished!located just by the club

great money, only top ladies, mostly girls from Baltic states!

good communicational skills and dance skills necessary, niot suitable for beginners, max.age 30yrs.old well shaped

payment weekly

minimum stay is 2weeks and longer

tips 50% and girl gets 1e

normally girls earn arround 3-4000 e monthly, NO sex ad meeting clients outside the club


​club by american army base

american tabledance bar, topless stage and privates

daily fix is 50e / monthly 1050e

stage show 7x a night 2songs topless

opened 22,00-05,00 sunday and monday is free

private dance is 50e you have 15e

tips 50% cash

payment next day after work

consumation 30%

normally max.8dancers per night

aoartment is fully furnished 2girls in room

minimum stay is 3 days up to 1month

travel costs on girl, age limit max 35yrs old well shaped, sexy, good communicational skills in English or German


fix 50e daily

opened 6 days mo-tru 21,00-05,00 fri/sat-21,00-07,00

topless stage -2songs sexy dance 4-5x a night

30% you get from all earnings and 50% from house dollar

payment weekly

private dance topless 1 song 30e, 2song 50e

champagne starts on 150e per bottle and up

age limit from 19-35max.

experienced dancers with good communicational skills English,German

travel cost on dancer, minimum stay is 2 weeks

​American army base close by so good business


club in city center

fix 60e daily

opening hours daily 21,00-03,00 weekend 05,00 ,Sunday is closed

champagne 30%

topless private show and club dollars 50 %

girls must speak German or English, be experienced max.35 yrs.old

​apartment fully furnished with sheets,wifi 10e/day

travel cost on girl, you must arrive to club address after you come to Stuttgart

payment is weekly

minimum stay preferably 2 work weeks

if girl is self employed with tax number in EU country she pays her tax in her country, if not, club register you and you must pay 19% legal work German tax from your income


​club is opened 4days a week wednesdays to saturdays 3days off

daily fix is 65e

​40% from champagne

50% from topless private dance

50% from tips from clients

payment is weekly

dress code is sexy and girls must speak good English or German

apartment is located close to club free of charge, travel costs are on girl and no strict age limit, girls must be sexy and friendly

beginners are welcome


club with 52yrs of experiences!!!

opened daily from sun-wed 8,30-03am and rest till 05am

fix is 60e daily

30% from VIP lounge

50% from private dances and tips from clients

20% from champagne

payment is daily after work extras and fix wage each Sunday morning after work

if dancers comes for 2and more weeks she gets to work 5days a week rest 2days she can stay home and relax or come to work with no cash but % base - 30% drinks, 40% VIP lounge and 50% dances and tips

apartment is fully furnished close to club for 5e daily with cleaning service that comes 2x a week

all necessary things like grocery stores, fitness is up to 300m from apartment

travel cost on girl, she must arrive to club address after her arrival to city

age limit max. 35yrs old, only EU states girls with experiences and good communicational skills, German language welcome


smaller club only 2- 3dancers, located 40km from Hanover

very friendly, stress-free work atmosphere

opened from tue-Sat from 9-05am

50e fix

​30% on champagne

50% on private dances cost 50e (2songs topless)

tips club dollars 1e you have 50 cent

apartment is above the club, 5e daily, fully furnished

beginners welcome, stage show topless, sexy dance is ok, no necessary to do pole dance acrobatics

very good earning potentials and very good feedback from my dacers!

PEITING GERMANY - oldest strip club in Germany

opened daily from 9-05am

monday no fix but 50%-50%

tue-sun 40E daily and 30% champagne or 50Edaily and 25% champagne

tips 1club dollar you get 50cent

many times club offers special offer with immediate start of work!very good

topless on stage and privates for 2songs

max 5-6girls in club

drink prices start on picolo to champagne 25E-1495E

private dance- short 1ong/long 2songs - 25E and 40E you get 50%

girls must be experienced, English necessary, German language welcome

appearance must be lovely, well groomed, no strict age limit, but must look sexy

travel cost and arrival to club address is on dancer

accomodation is in the same building, 2girls in room, fully furnished with internet

you pay deposit 50E that will be given back if you keep your room and apartment clean and non damaged!

only ladies from EU

EGGENFELDEN smaleer family club

90km from Salzburg and 100km from Munich airport

fix 50e daily opened from Mondays to saturdays 22,30 till 05,00 Sunday free

German language welcommed, English necessary suitable more for experienced girls

max 4-7 girls in club

sexy stage show topless for 2songs, not necessary to have long dress and do acrobatics (but welcome)

payment fix end of week and % from drinks and dances daily after work

money for girl:

drinks from picollo 10E to big bottle 50e (per girl)

vip lounge small 35e for 30min./ big 60min. 70e

private dance 15e, 25e

tips club dollars 0.50e

Germany smaller city Sigmaringen

fix 40E/daily except Friday/Saturday 50E only topless on stage

club preferes dancers with tax papers and is not suitable for Romanian and Bulgarian dancers

small club 4girls only,English necessary,friendly atmosphere

pure lapdance,2VIP rooms for champagne sit down and private dances

not necessary to have work papers

sexy not necessary to make acrobatics,no age limit,but very sexy shaped body

drinks 25% starting from picollo to champagne

Private Dance, full Strip 1, Song 15E, 2 Songs 25E

payment weekly, depends on the length of the contract

1E=1club dollar (you get 50%) paid daily after work

opened daily, Monday closed - from 21,00- 05,00

apartment fully furnished, 7E a day, 2 Single rooms, 1 double room 120qm,same building as club, washing possibility given

every girl get a key

we would appreciate Language skills in German and/or good English

dress code: elegant and sexy

min.contract: 2 weeks

travel costs on girl, she is picked up from bus/train station for free

Kassel in Hessen in Germany

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 21:00 – 05:00 (club opened from 2006 with stable clientel) Open 6 days.

(Work beginning: 20.45 Clock)

Fix in the week 50 € per Day. (We pay the Gage at the and of the week)

Stage show is few times a night , in nice dress- costume and dance shoes, full-strip.

30 % on drinks, sekt or champagne. (We pay all % the next day)

37,5 % on private Dance / extra room

1 Dollar = 1 Euro

Apartment 40,--€ in the week

minimum contract period = 14 days


(Information: business license and tax number will be appreciated!)

For the dancers, it is good if they speak and understand German, then you earn more money, but English is also!

Travel costs on girl, she is picked up from bus/train station for free in Kassel

The apartment is 50 meters from the club.

The apartment has two rooms, a bathroom with toilet and a kitchen.

The apartment has TV, refrigerator and stove-top. washing clothes in the club.

Every woman gets a key.

Schongau- 65km from Augsburg Germany

Work details:

Tuesday /wednesday/ thursday = 50 euro fix, 20% from drinks, 25% from champgne, 50% lapdance, 50% dollars.

Friday /saturday = No fix but the first 100Euro from Lapdance is 100% from dancer. after this is 50%.... for examble if girl make for 200 euro lapdance on saturday she get 150 euro

topless on stage, 2songs, sexy dancing, pole dance acrobats not necessary

2week contract welcommed, age limit max.30yrs.old, German language welcommed, English necessary and experiences also necessary

max. 10girls in club/night, sexy dress code, not necessary to have long dresses and costumes

girls live in a nice apartment with 1 small room with 2 beds and big room have 5 beds, they have living room kitchen wc shower tv...

in same house we have a super market and near from house they have lot of shops.. so they dont need taxi everything is in near :)

Apartment is upstairs and club is down, 5e/daily for apartment


well- known topless bar- great feedback from my dancers, good clients, busy club

40 Euro fix for girls with work contract

opening hrs.: daily 8pm - 4am

stage show is topless, few times a night, 2 songs

private dances: 1 song, for the girl: 10 Euro for girl!!!

club dollars - 1 club dollar = 1 Euro, girl: 50 cent

drinks: 1 glass of sparkling wine-for girl:10 Euro

piccolo: 10 Euro for girl

1 bottle champagne: for girl 75 Euro

dom perrigon: for girls: 150 Euro

non-alcoholic drinks for girls in club FREE

dress code: elegant and sexy

min.contract: 2 weeks

accomodation is above the club: room 5 Euro/night / 2 girls in 1 room,every girl get a key, wifi internet, fully furnished kitchen, TV, washing machine

Club suitable for experienced dancers only; as club is known for it's high class girl with good sexy look and high standard clients, German language very welcommed for good earnings!

GERMANY - SYLT -Westerland

WINDSURFING FESTIVAL end of september till 12/october, excellent earnings!!!!

many returning TOP dancers/mpdels-great money, great clients -rich and party types!!! dance, drink and have fun and earn money of your life!!!!

well known club in luxury German holiday area on island SYLT

for experienced dancers only

great earnings, no competition in the area

full nude dancing on stage and private dances

absolutely zero tolerance for prostitution and drugs

70E fix/night ( sometimes up to 120E/night on holidays and special occasions!) opening hrs.6 days/week 10.30pm- late morning hrs- weekends till 7am, 8am!

thematic shows welcome

stage show cca.5x/night

drinks: 20% picollo, 25% champagne

dances: 15 E private dance (3 songs,full strip, no touch!)

dress code: sexy

accommodation: free of charge, 2-3 girls / room, easily furnished,no washing machine, no internet, accomodation is close to club- bit older rooms, not luxury, close is public washing machines and also internet cafe, restaurants

min.contract: 2 weeks, payment is : fix-after contract and extra money (drinks/dances) daily after work

travel cost on girl (best is flight to Hamburg, after train to island Sylt from Altona station)

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